Friday, June 15, 2018

Shabby Steampunk Home Decor (DT Proejct for Reneabouquets)

I wanted to create a home décor piece using some new Beautiful Board pieces from Reneabouquets, featuring some Steampunk Style elements and a Beautiful Printed Board image piece that I fell in love with...Tessie B Darling...part of the Garden Party collection. I started with a home décor piece from Dollar Tree and by repurposing it, adding beautiful Blue Fern Studio papers, some mixed media elements and exquisite product from Reneabouquets, this turned into a unique piece of Home Decor! I wanted to add in an eclectic centerpiece, so the light bulb became part of the decor, and of course, I added in some Reneabouquet flowers, some quotes and all these pieces combined into a shabby steampunk piece that I think is unique, pretty and inspirational!  You might want to take a peek at all the Beautiful Board Garden Party elements and Beautiful Board the Steampunk Style elements at's time to craft!! You won't be disappointed!
I will have all the links below to the product I used on this project from Reneabouquets, as well as the start to finish You Tube video on the project! You can see it all come to life in fast forward detail!
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You Tube Video:
Reneabouquets (RB) product links used in the project:
RB Mulberry Flowers S/13 Roses and Leaves (Purple and White):
RB Mulberry Flowers S/13 Roses and Leaves (Dusty Purple):
RB Mulberry Flowers S/13 Roses and Leaves (Spring Green and Ivory):

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