Saturday, June 30, 2018

Shabby Chic Small Decorative Cabinet Door (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I was gifted this small cabinet door from a friend. She was getting rid of this small cabinet and thought I would like one of the doors to it because of the decorative wire heart in the center...and she was right!! She even left the hinge on it! Measuring in at 7 inches in length and 8 1/2 inches tall, it had just the right amount of real estate to make into a shabby chic piece of room décor. I didn't even have to do anything to the door itself, because it was already distressed. I wanted to add a little bit of an industrial look to this project by adding gears and a vintage door knob backplate, which is just the perfect shade of rust! Adding in all the exquisite pieces from Reneabouquets including a newly released Printed Beautiful Board fairy, called the Sweet Garden Butterfly Fairy with Glass Wings (which is the centerpiece of this project),  this shabby chic piece of art turned out fabulous! Below you will find the pictures showing close up detail of the project , followed by a link to my You Tube video, showing the entire process of this project in a start to finish format, and completing this blog post is a list with all the links to the Reneabouquets product that I used on this cabinet door! Thanks for stopping by!!

You Tube Video:

Reneabouquets (RB) product links:

Beautiful Board Brick Elements (Large):
Beautiful Board S/4 Wildflower Gears:
Beautiful Board S/4 Ornament Gears:
Beautiful Board Decorative Clock Hands (Large):
Beautiful Board Simply Beautiful Frame (Small):
Printed Beautiful Board Tuck It In Sweet Daisies (Small):
Printed Beautiful Board Sweet Garden Butterfly Fairy with Glass Wings (Large):
RB Handcrafted Dragonflies (Lissie):
RB S/8 Magical Miniature Butterflies (Lissie):
RB S/20 Butterfly Kisses (Aurora Borealis in Pink):
RB Glitter Glass (Diamond):
RB S/4 Silver Dream Metal Keys:
RB S/2 Victorian Latches Trinket Pack:
Prima Marketing Memory Hardware Resin Frame (Vincennes Regal):
Prima Marketing Havana Collection Flowers (Solana):
Prima Marketing Amelia Rose Chipboard:

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