Sunday, June 12, 2016

Handmade Shabby Chic Purse

I've designed a beautiful, one of a kind, shabby chic purse as a gift for a bride who loves everything shabby and I've heard! I was commissioned to design one of these for a gift and I love how it turned out! I've only designed one other shabby chic purse, but trust me, it was much plainer in design! I created the entire shell and liner using instructions that I found on Google (I just searched "how to make a tote bag") and found inspirational designs from Pinterest to decorate the outside! Most of my laces and the gorgeous flower with the bling center, came from Lavish Laces Etsy shop (the link will be below the pictures), plus a few that were gifted to me by a sweet friend from church! And here's a optional idea on one of the laces I used...the dangle lace, actually was part of a valance curtain I purchased from Walmart!  It had about one yard of this gorgeous trim that I cut off and the sheer part of the curtain...I used as the lining inside the purse...a two for one bargain!!! ...and it only cost me about $5.00! This particular lace would be twice that much for a yard at fabric stores! Anyhoo, here's the pics!

Lavish Laces Etsy Store:

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