Saturday, December 31, 2016

Shabby Chic Winter "Snowman" Top Hat (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

It's a busy Holiday Season, but I took a small break to create a piece of home décor
 to display during the Holidays! I will have the links below to all the beautiful product I used from Renea's Etsy shop, for this project, plus a link to my You Tube video, which
explains this project in all its detail!

You Tube Link:
Product Links:
Reneabouquets S/3 Chiffon Flowers (Celadon): temporarily out of stock

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shabby Chic Christmas Wood Letters (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

It's time for decorating some wood letters and what better holiday to create for, than Christmas! You can pick any individual letters (at most craft stores or even Wal-Mart), attach them together, spell out the word that most inspires you to believe in Christmas and decorate to your hearts content! I decided to go with "Joy".  It fits Christmas perfectly!  ...and to be honest, its a shorter
word and takes less time to "pretty up" if you need a quick gift!
I used quite a few products from Reneabouquets Etsy shop
 so I will list the links down below. I will also include my Youtube video,
which explains this project in further detail!
Thanks for stopping by!

YouTube Link:
Products used from Reneabouquets:
Prima Resin Frames (oval frames out of stock, but here is link to Baroque Rectangle frames):

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Shabby Chic Winter Mittens (DT project for Reneabouquets)

I decided to create some cute and whimsical, winter-filled, inspirational, yet insatiably "warm" (LOL)... wall hangings! I am currently creating for upcoming Christmas bazaars and wanted to design a simple, yet inviting alternative for home décor for the holidays!
This was very easy to do with beautiful products from Reneabouquets!!
The links to the products I used from Reneabouquets will be below!
I've included my Youtube Video which explains my process in detail!
Here are the pictures:

Youtube Video:

Products Used:
Reneabouquets Glitter Glass (Diamond):
Reneabouquets Glitter Glass (Shard in Pearl):
Reneabouquets Mulberry Flowers S/12 (White):
Reneabouquets Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Ice):
Reneabouquets Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Snow White):
Reneabouquets Butterfly White Lace:
Reneabouquets Lace (2 1/4 inch wide Sweet Daisy Lace):
Reneabouquets S/3 Chiffon Flowers (Celadon):
Prima Sweet Peppermint Paper Collection (6x6):
Sweet Peppermint Flowers (Christmas Morning):
Prima Colorbloom Sprays (Soft Teal):
Prima Metal Die (Parisian Lace):
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Display Hangers:
Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain (Picket Fence):

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Altered Prima Birdcage (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I have been wanting to alter one of these fantastic Prima marketing birdcages. There are two options of colors to decorate with, this rustic option or a shabby chic white version and they both even come with its own cute metal bird!  . I have them both! LOL! I really wanted to keep the birdcage in its natural rustic feel and chose only to alter the inside. I used the Prima Rossi Belle collection. I added a small strip of paper to the bottom edge of the cage and a piece to the very back! That's it! I also wanted to add a strand of the Prima Lumies (a 1 foot LED strand), so I adhered the main power switch to the back and brought forward the light strand, weaving it in and out of all the embellishments as I layered them vs. trying to wind it in later. I did it this way, because I wanted to hide the strand as much as possible!   This entire project was made possible with tons of product from Reneabouquets!! I will have the product list and links below. I am also attaching the YouTube video which explains this project in further detail....just so I don't have to type it all out! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!!  

YouTube Link:
Product Links:

Monday, September 26, 2016

LOVE&Dream Mixed Media Canvas Design (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I found a set of the tiniest, cutest 3D canvases which only measure 3x3 in size and knew that I had to create something so shabby chic that the canvases would "grow" in size with inspiration! I began by using heavy white gesso from Prima to add texture to the edges of the canvas and my Wiltons Cake Pillar stand! I then pulled out my design team kit which included some new release product by Prima ...the Rossibelle collection and some cute flowers from the Sweet Peppermint collection. Although the Sweet Peppermint collection is a Christmas themed collection, the floral colors are pinks, greens, cream...totally can be used for everyday crafting.  I stayed true to form using shabby chic colors but added lots of texture with layering of resin pieces, flowers, wood and metal pieces, sewing thread....its all in there! I will include all the beautiful product from Renea's store down below which include Mulberry Flowers, Glitter Glass, Tiny Treasure Butterflies and the afore mentioned Prima product that was used on this particular project! You can click on any of the links to take you directly to that product! Or if you would like to go the main page of the Etsy shop, click the link to the right on my sidebar. I've also included the Youtube video link, which shares my ENTIRE start to finish process! Here are the photos:


You Tube Video Link: 

Reneabouquets Product Links:

Reneabouquets Glitter Glass (Pink):
Reneabouquets S/13 Mulberry Paper Flowers (Dusty Rose):
Reneabouquets Tiny Treasure Butterflies (Sweetheart):
Prima Junkyard Findings Clock Hands:
Prima Rossibelle Collection 6x6 Paper pad:
Prima Rossibelle Collection Flowers (Melody):
Prima Rossibelle Collection Flowers (Thistle):
Prima Rossibelle Collection Ephemera:
Prima Sweet Peppermint Collection:

Monday, September 12, 2016

Inspirational Shabby Chic Wall Art (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

   Soooooo, I had this insert from a 12x12 3D frame. When I put my very chunky LO into it, I removed this insert, because it would allow my page to fit, but I didn't want to throw it away because I thought I might be able to use it someday... and that "someday" has arrived! It was already white, but I wanted texture, so I used a foam pounce brush and white chalk paint. I pounced the brush up and down with the paint, creating tiny texture and heat set it in between the 3 layers that I ended up doing. For the background, I had this 12x12 sheet of wire from Hobby Lobby, so I stapled that to the back of the frame.   I painted it with the chalk paint as well. (The fabric behind the wire is just my backdrop for the photo, so this art is see-thru with the wire).
 I used Prima Stationers Desk paper for the main piece and layered a 6x6 piece of acrylic over the top and used a sewing machine to adhere the two together. I did this, so that the background would seem soft, transparent  and also, so that the center décor would seem to float in the midst of the frame.  I used a Prima stencil on top with Prima Light Paste and Lindy's Stamp Gang Flat Fabio White Sidewalk Spray for a light mist in areas.  I used tons of flowers, Prima Shabby Chic Treasures Resin/Metal pieces, Prima Floral trim, and wood words from my stash. The remaining embellishments came From Reneabouquets Etsy shop (I will have those links down below).  I will also have the link to my YT video explaining this project in further detail. Also, please note that the direct link to Reneabouquets Etsy shop is to the right on my sidebar, if you wish to go directly to the main page vs. through a product link! Thanks for stopping by!  
Here are the Photos:

YT Video Link:

Product Links:
Reneabouquets Glitter Glass (Sand):
Reneabouquets Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Sweet Nothings):
Reneabouquets S/6 Flowers (Winter White): currently out of stock, although the Camellia pink is available. Here's that link:
Reneabouquets S/13 Mulberry Paper Flowers (Dusty Rose):
Reneabouquets S/3 Chiffon Flowers (Ivory):
Reneabouquets Lace (Sheer Romance in white):
Reneabouquets S/2 Baroque Metal Frames:
Prima Junkyard Findings Metal Clock Hands:
Prima Flowers (Heaven Sent Collection)-Stella:
Prima Relics and Artifacts Cast Resin -Chivalry (I used the wings):
Blue Fern Studios Chipboard (Persian Ornament):

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shabby Chic Mini Garden Bench (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I've taken mini wood bench that I found at a thrift shop and designed it, using some mixed media techniques, into a Shabby Chic garden including the tiniest flower pot spilling out some cute little wood hearts! This project features items that I used from Reneabouquets, that are quality products and completely make this project adorable! The product links that I used from Reneabouquets will be listed below!  Here are some close-up photos and a link to the YT video, which explains the project in further detail...

YT Link:

Product Links from Renea's shop:
Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Sweet Pea):
Reneabouquets S/3 Chiffon Flowers (White):
Reneabouquets Mulberry Flowers & Leaves S/13 (Pink and White):
Reneabouquets Glitter Glass (Pale Pink):
Reneabouquets Wide Floral Embroidered Lace (White):
Prima Shabby Chic Treasures Resin Swirls:
Prima Flowers-Heaven Sent Collection (Sophia):
Prima Flower Vine- Meadowlark Collection (Millicent Pink):

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Altered 5x7 Canvas (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I've taken an alterable 5x7 canvas that I purchased and designed it, using some mixed media techniques, into something Shabby Chic and added a little romantic flair as well!  I wanted to feature a favorite photo of my husband and I...and I know that if it weren't for Reneabouquets products, this project would not have come alive!  I used tons of product from Renea's Etsy shop to create this project and I will have those product links listed below!  Here are some close-up photos of the project and a link to the YT video, which explains the project in further detail and where, I cannot believe that I forgot to mention (in the video) the beautiful Reneabouquests Tiny Treasures Butterfly (Sweet Pea) that I used! It was adhered right on top... ...showcased in all its glitter glory! :) are the photos, video, and product links:   

YT Video Link:

Reneabouquets Products used:

Reneabouquets Microbeads in Silver:
Reneabouquets Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Sweet Pea):
Reneabouquets S/6 Fabric Flowers (Winter White Blossoms):
Reneabouquets Flowers S/13 in Pink and White:
Prima Resin Victorian Oval Frames:
Blue Fern Chipboard Deja Vu Page Dangles Chippies:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shabby Chic Altered Wood Frame (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I've taken an alterable wood frame that I purchased from Micheals' Craft Store and designed it, using some mixed media techniques, into a Shabby Chic inspirational "shadow box". The frame itself, measures 8 1/2 x 8/12 and has a depth of about 1 and 1/2 inches..which makes it perfect to create a shadow box, of sorts! I wanted it to reflect inspiration and creativity! I used tons of product from Renea's Etsy shop to create this project, that I think, I'm gonna keep for myself! :)  It turned out just the way I wanted it to! I used the color palate of Teal and White, to keep it soothing and calm.  Here are some close-up photos of the project and a link to the YT video, which explains the project in further detail. Below these will be a list of products that I used from Renea's Etsy Store, with direct links to that particular product!  

YT Video Link:

Products Used:
RB Dragonflies (Shabby Patina Roses):
RB Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Ice):
RB Glitter Glass (Patina):
RB S/3 Chiffon Flowers (White):
RB 3 Layer Lace Flower Applique (White):
RB S/4 Dream Metal Key:
Prima Color Bloom Spray (Glistening Waves):
Prima Color Bloom Spray (Teal):
Prima Resin Victorian Fames:
Prima Resin Ballerinas:
Petaloo Textured Flowers (Teal):
Blue Fern Studios Deja Vu Page Dangles Chipboard:

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