Friday, March 20, 2015

Shabby Chic Miniature Chair (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

For this project, I was at Goodwill and found this great looking miniature wooden chair with a drawer in the front. I grabbed it quick and placed it gently in my cart! I wanted to turn this chair into a useable piece of storage that would look great sitting on a shelf as a piece of home décor. I knew right away that I would turn this into a shabby chic creation. It was originally in a cream color, but I used a Martha Stewart matte chalk paint in white and repainted it. (I also used this paint to repaint some of the pieces in this creation, such as a Resin frame and cameo) I then sanded all the edges to give it a worn, weathered look. In pursuing ideas for this shabby venture, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. When I did a search for shabby chic crafts, a picture popped up (I'm sure everyone has seen this picture or something like it, if you have every done a search as I did) was a picture of a shelf with a bunch of empty shabby chic frames in all shapes and sizes with a book laying next to them and a pot of flowers. On a personal note, I've always wanted to do this in my house, but I've only collected a few frames and they are being stored in a box in the attic and they will probably stay there, 'cuz I bet I never get around to this idea! LOL! Anyhoo, as I'm looking at this picture, I look down at the chair and some of the stuff that came from Reneabouquets Etsy shop, one of which was a package of the Prima resin oval frames and....lightbulb!!...I decided I would create my "shelf of frames" on this chair! I pulled out other Prima resin frames that I had in my stash and some miniature craft frames from Micheals and designed my masterpiece! I had to add a touch of romance to the "shelf" because of the products I received in this months kit....they screamed romance! I layered the frames in a haphazard fashion on the chair, added some of my favorite things, like the Prima Clock face, Prima Clock hands and Prima resin bird! I also added a jar filled with the beautiful glitter glass from Renea's shop (that glitter is such a beautiful shade of light vintage pink, even though the title of the color is "Sand" and I couldn't bear to do anything but put it in the tiny jar so that it could be stared at! LOL!) , some descriptive wooden words, a crochet doily that I crocheted myself and some gorgeous vintage lace from Renea's shop! I even created my own mini Romeo and Juliet book to add a couple of music scrolls and a mini Eiffel Tower charm upon. I love the touch of another jar that accidentally "fell over" and the pearls spilled out! The beautiful Cameo, Ivory Chiffon flower, along with the tiny resin flower laying on the metal key, the tiny spoon acting as a drawer pull on the front of the drawer, and the lace heart applique laying atop the wooden heart at the very back of the chair,  all came from Renea's shop as well! The exquisite butterflies (handmade by Renea) finish off the ensemble!   The exact products I used are listed below the pics....which you are about to see next!


Youtube Video:

Products I used from Reneabouquets Etsy:
Prima Clock Face
Prima Clock Hands
Prima Resin Birds
Prima Resin Oval Frames
Romantic Trinkets kit (Cameo, Frame, 2 resin flowers, metal charm and miniature spoon)
Timeless Vintage Lace in Ivory
Ivory Chiffon Flowers
Butterflies: Double Layer English Tea Rose, My Romantic Heart
Glitter Glass in Sand

Note: If you want to see what else is available in Renea's Etsy shop, just click on her link to the right of my sidebar and it will take you directly there!
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