Friday, November 28, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas (DT project for ReneaBouquets)

I decided, this time around, to create a mixed media canvas using one of my favorite photos of my niece, Sydnie. I wanted the canvas décor to reflect the quiet, beautiful soul that is at home in my niece.  I chose a soft blue pallet with accents of cream and white. For texture on the canvas, I used a medium from Golden called Fiber Paste and a texture paint that I purchased from Michael's Craft Store. The fiber paste basically looks like the paste that is developed when you are trying to make your own paper. its a really soft, cool look. I used a pallet knife and just used soft stokes laying it down onto the canvas. its overall look is thick and thin in areas which is what I was going for. I did the same with the texture paint. I used several clocks on the canvas to represent her journey through time and all that life has to offer. I used several products by Prima as well as several wood products from and the wonderful goodies from Reneabouquets store rounds out the process. I chose to frame the photo with Prima resin window shutters to draw your eye to that area of the canvas and all the other elements fall into place underneath and gently sweeping to the left side, trailing off and letting your eye rest. I hope you enjoy the photos and the Youtube video which shows my entire process of creating this canvas from start to finish!


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  1. You are very talented! Love seeing your work, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your talent.