Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Design Team project for Discount Paper Crafts!!

Well, here it is!  This months project for Discount Paper Crafts!!  I absolutely adore Cathies etsy store!! She carries all the newest, most popular items for a price lower than her competitors and she ships really fast!!  AND---I'm not just saying this because I'm on her design team.  I wouldn't have  tried to get onto her team if I didnt believe in her product, her store, and her business ethics!! Sooooo, without further adieu, I give you pictures of this altered project:

Project as a whole!

View of the whole left side at an angle

View of the left side a little more behind the "XO" letters

Right side view of the top. I thought it was so cute to add the Tim Holtz clock part like you really had to wind up the clock to make it work--with a little extra added accent, of course! 

View of the top portion as a whole.  Yes, the clock works!!

View of the decor behind the "XO". I love how the pen nib is laying on top of the Prima wood envelope! 

View of the bottom portion as a whole.  I raised the ribbon strand on the left so you could see that part better! :) 

View of the back side of the project.

View of the top of the box.

View of the top of the box on the back side. Yep! Added a kitchen cabinet handle! 
So I used decorative storage boxes you can find at a craft store and adhered them together.  The top one is laying on it's back so that the flap is on top vs how you would normally open it.  I did this for fun, plus I thought it made an easier access to open and replace the battery to the clock easily. I used a few paper lines: Prima, Recollections (Micheals Craft Store Brand) and Graphic 45. I wrapped the ribbon around the two boxes separately but lined them up so they almost looked like they were wrapped around BOTH boxes!  I did this so that the boxes could both be opened without ever having to untie the main ribbon each time. I wanted this project to be pretty, functional for strorage and tells you the time at a glance!  :)
Here are the direct links to the products I used from Cathie's store:

Kaisercraft Wooden Wings: http://www.etsy.com/listing/116775252/kaisercraft-wood-flourishes-wings?ga_search_query=kaisercraft
May Arts Mini Pom Pom trim: http://www.etsy.com/listing/108185571/may-arts-mini-pom-pom-ribbon-ivory-38
Prima Romance Novel Canvas Wood Clips: http://www.etsy.com/listing/105513141/prima-romance-novel-collection-canvas?ga_search_query=romance%2Bnovel
Prima Wooden Envelopes: http://www.etsy.com/listing/98788092/prima-wood-envelope-embellishments?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bwood
Prima Flowers--
Open white rose with pearl:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/112028564/prima-innocence-collection-2-open-white?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bflowers
Curly white rose: http://www.etsy.com/listing/112028347/prima-innocence-collection-2-white-rose?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bflowers
White crochet flowers: http://www.etsy.com/listing/98821491/prima-harmonie-white?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bflowers
Note: the Prima flowers-Roses of Spain Anais are temporarily sold out.

OK--So go get some goodies from Cathie's store and make something awesome for yourself or as a gift!  I made this for a friend!  Hope she likes it!  Oh-- and check out my You Tube channel for the video of this project!! Thanks for spending some time here!! Hugs!!


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  2. Gorgeous creation. Your work is amazing!! I love your style!!

    Happy Holidays