Friday, September 21, 2012

My First Project Pics!!

Okey dokey! Here they are! Bare with me, cuz I'm not the best "up close" photo taker. If it's blurry...nothing is wrong with your eyesight! LOL! I probably won't have lots of close-up pics ofevery nook and cranny, cuz I think that's just too much, unless that's what you would like to see, but when I look at blogs, I like to just look at the picture as a whole.  I will feature some close-ups here and there-- but not a lot.  If you do like lots of close-ups...I can change my view to suit yours!! ...just let me know!

These are some pics of treasures I made for a swap...
 This is a mini album I's about 9x9! the first 3 "pages" are you see on this first pic.. about 4 1/2 x9 each side...the very last page is the 9x9 size!

These are pics of the cover of the you can see.  I LOVE the handles!  There's a lot of texture, a lot of layering of papers, (I love to layer papers) I distressed all the edges of each paper and used my sewing maching around every square inch of  each piece of paper AND used lots of gesso to white-wash the papers and flowers to make it soft looking.  My intention for this mini was a shabby-chic romance look! I used flowers from I Am Roses, SaCrafters (zibbett store), and Wild Orchid Crafts. Some flowers are from my local antique mall. set...

The first pic is shows what happens when you open the opens to a 4 page spread. Almost every page has a pocket for pictures or journaling!  I used lots of lace!  The paper line is mosty Prima romance novel, with some Melissa Frances attic treasures, G45 ladies Diary, Prima tea thyme, Color Bok victorian parlor, and 1 sheet of Canvas Corp 'love' paper! The word hope and the other 2 words are worden words I bought at Joann's! I texture on them, and stamped with a script stamp on them as well!  Here's the next set:  I LOVE that vintage pic!!

Last page!

I made the wings from a mold that I took of Kaisercraft wood wings!  Added german glass glitter, and texture! Ohhh...used masks with modeling paste, then stamped over it with a script stamp on most of the pages as well.  The word "dream" is supspend from white chain near the bottom fo the page.  Thought that was a fun touch!  Ok.....whatcha think?
If this wasnt enough for you to look at... My next post will be some decorated letters...the letters are my favorite letters I've ever done!  And then....I will post a card and project I am submitting for entry to a design team!  Lotsa hugs to ya and thanx for looking around!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Bye for now!

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  1. Hi Linda..I saw ƴõϋƦ works at youtube åñð I adore all of them so muchhh esp ƴõϋƦ project swap for Juliana here.. They're so amazingly gorgeous.. I'm so far away in Indonesia åñð really want to have one just like those hehehe .. Would you please do tutorial on the album åñð the letter from start to finish? Pleaseeee :) really glad to find you åñð finally get a chance to post comment here..•♡[τ̲̅н̲̅a̲̅и̲̅κ̲̅ ч̲̅o̲̅u̲̅]♡• For being such a great inspiration to me.. Have a blissful day there..Gbu :)