Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Design Team project for Discount Paper Crafts!!

Well, here it is!  This months project for Discount Paper Crafts!!  I absolutely adore Cathies etsy store!! She carries all the newest, most popular items for a price lower than her competitors and she ships really fast!!  AND---I'm not just saying this because I'm on her design team.  I wouldn't have  tried to get onto her team if I didnt believe in her product, her store, and her business ethics!! Sooooo, without further adieu, I give you pictures of this altered project:

Project as a whole!

View of the whole left side at an angle

View of the left side a little more behind the "XO" letters

Right side view of the top. I thought it was so cute to add the Tim Holtz clock part like you really had to wind up the clock to make it work--with a little extra added accent, of course! 

View of the top portion as a whole.  Yes, the clock works!!

View of the decor behind the "XO". I love how the pen nib is laying on top of the Prima wood envelope! 

View of the bottom portion as a whole.  I raised the ribbon strand on the left so you could see that part better! :) 

View of the back side of the project.

View of the top of the box.

View of the top of the box on the back side. Yep! Added a kitchen cabinet handle! 
So I used decorative storage boxes you can find at a craft store and adhered them together.  The top one is laying on it's back so that the flap is on top vs how you would normally open it.  I did this for fun, plus I thought it made an easier access to open and replace the battery to the clock easily. I used a few paper lines: Prima, Recollections (Micheals Craft Store Brand) and Graphic 45. I wrapped the ribbon around the two boxes separately but lined them up so they almost looked like they were wrapped around BOTH boxes!  I did this so that the boxes could both be opened without ever having to untie the main ribbon each time. I wanted this project to be pretty, functional for strorage and tells you the time at a glance!  :)
Here are the direct links to the products I used from Cathie's store:

Kaisercraft Wooden Wings: http://www.etsy.com/listing/116775252/kaisercraft-wood-flourishes-wings?ga_search_query=kaisercraft
May Arts Mini Pom Pom trim: http://www.etsy.com/listing/108185571/may-arts-mini-pom-pom-ribbon-ivory-38
Prima Romance Novel Canvas Wood Clips: http://www.etsy.com/listing/105513141/prima-romance-novel-collection-canvas?ga_search_query=romance%2Bnovel
Prima Wooden Envelopes: http://www.etsy.com/listing/98788092/prima-wood-envelope-embellishments?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bwood
Prima Flowers--
Open white rose with pearl:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/112028564/prima-innocence-collection-2-open-white?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bflowers
Curly white rose: http://www.etsy.com/listing/112028347/prima-innocence-collection-2-white-rose?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bflowers
White crochet flowers: http://www.etsy.com/listing/98821491/prima-harmonie-white?ga_search_query=Prima%2Bflowers
Note: the Prima flowers-Roses of Spain Anais are temporarily sold out.

OK--So go get some goodies from Cathie's store and make something awesome for yourself or as a gift!  I made this for a friend!  Hope she likes it!  Oh-- and check out my You Tube channel for the video of this project!! Thanks for spending some time here!! Hugs!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

December DT project for Thepiecebypiece!!

Soooo, we all created pages for a little surprise for our birthday gal and owner of Thepiecebypiece--BEVERLY!!!  She rocks!  We love her and wanted to "team" up and show our appreciation to her. So we all created  a page for a not so "mini"-mini album.  Or should I say--not so chunky!!  We laugh at these words, 'cuz this album is 5 1/2 inches THICK!!  no joke.  Leanne (YT: Luvleescrappin) laughed and laughed as she tried to figure out ways to bind this album together--well, I don't know if the word "laugh" is proper, cuz I think she wanted to strangle us for making such thick pages.  OOPSIE!! LOL.  This album is a birthday present for our Beverly!  Sooooo--here's my creation as a part of this album:

The front ensemble is all decorated on a chipboard heart that opens on a hinge to reveal the inside: my picture and a personal not to Beverly!  There are layers upon layers of paper all distressed and sewn, with laces and product from Beverly's store.  We all decided to use the Romance Novel collections or similar colors and wanted to have wings (of any type) on our project as well as our name or our initials.  This was a blast to create!  Remember the link to Thepiecebypiece is on my sidebar at the right! 
Here's the links to the product I used from Beverly's store:
Please note: the last link is for the "beige" french guipure lace.  The black color that I used is temporarily sold out. The colors in stock are the beige and pink.
Thanks for stopping by!  Hugsies!! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

DT project for ThePiecebyPiece!

So I created a project as a gift for a wonderful sweet friend of mine!  She is fabulous!  I decided to create a wall hanging.  It's shabby chic, of course, with pinks and browns and lots of texture and amazing, amazing product from Beverly's store! Her link to all the yumminess she sells is at the right on my sidebar!  Here are some close up pics of my project!!

Whatcha think?  Of course I have a video on my YT channel!!  Hugs to you!!
P.S. my dear friend...I hope you like it!! You know who you are!!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Oh my goodness!!  I couldn't believe it when I got the email from Cathie to join her design team with DiscountPaperCrafts!!!  WooWoo!!  I am absolutely blessed to be joining her team!  Her team has the most awesome WOW factor!  I will be joining such incredible talent!  I hope I can keep up with all the goodness that these ladies have to offer!  I am freaking out to say the least!  The link to Cathie's store is at the right on my sidebar--go take a look!  Bet you buy something!!  Thanks everyone for inspiring me to continue on in my crafting endeavors!  I love you all and thank you CATHIE!!!  Your my fav!! :) Hugsies!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shabby Chic Frame (DT project for TPBP)

I had so much fun turning a plain black frame that I purchased from our Dollar Store into a delicious Shabby Chic masterpiece!   I created this frame for one of my 3 projects for a swap I am currently participating in.  I was sooooo lucky to have some beautiful laces and trims from Beverly's store: The Piece by Piece!  I also used a couple of resin pieces from her shop as well: an oval frame (my fav! I have to get more of these!) and a bird. Her store link is located on the right side of my blog. I whitewashed most everything with white acrylic gesso.  I textured the frame with the gesso as well.  I even used the Prima brick mask to add some more dimension on the frame.  I added a beautiful piece of poetry (the poem is not in its entirety) on the left frame written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  I think it just lends itself well to the romantic feel of the project.  And you all know how I like to add a touch of romance to my projects!! I loved dangling the chain on both pieces and in between to tie the two frames together! I gotta do that again on my next frame!  I will be making a few more of these-different designs, of course!! I hope you find yourself trying this type of creation!  It would make a great gift for that special someone! And that special someone could be yourself! :) Anyhoo! Here's some close up pictures!   Thanx for stopping by!! Hugzzzzzzz!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cute Snowman topper for your Christmas/Winter projects!

I know, it's not Christmas yet, but us crafters who are gearing up for the Christmas Craft Bazaars have to start a little early!  These are soooo cute to add as a special touch to any Christmas gift!  It just adds a little somethin' somethin'! These can be added to things like: a mini stocking decorated and filled with candy, a mug with all the fixin's of hot chocolate, a candy bar wrapped in Christmas paper with ribbons, bells, etc. or maybe just on top of a specially wrapped present amidst the bow and curly ribbon.  Anyhoo! I've had a few requests on how to make these! Here's a couple of photos:

 Stinkin' Cuuuuuuutte!

Here's the YT tutorial:

Hope you make some of these!  Totally fun!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DT project for The Piece By Piece!

Here it is!  My first DT project! (The laces and cameo and frame are from Beverly's store!  Her link is to the right on my sidebar.) This project is Grungy!  It's Spooky!  It's for Halloween!  ...but it does have a story to it. As usual I tried to add a touch of romance!  I didnt want to disappoint you all! Mr. Skeleton Man and his wife have now fallen to the afterlife and he's taking her with him, so he is carrying her picture and digging up her bones! I know right???  Sweet lil ole me, created this!  I had fun with it, but some of the times I was crafting late at night, more like early morning hours...2 AM-ish...and it kinda creeped me out! LOL!
 The first picture is the project as a whole:
Here's the left side:

Here's the middle portion:

And here's the right side:

The quote on the project:
If you are reading this...
then you are blissfully unaware of what...
is creeping up behind you!

Thanx for sharing a SPOOKY amount of time with me! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Design Team Entry for Discount Paper Crafts!

Ok...I've got some confidence built up since I am now a part of another design team, so I'm gonna try for this design team too!  Cathie from Discount Paper Crafts is looking for someone to alter projects!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to alter projects!  it's my favorite crafting pastime! So, here's my YT video:

Here's some close up pics:

Whatcha think?  Truly?  Wait...be nice to me!