Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shabby Chic/Mixed Media DIY Frame (DT project for Reneabouquets)

I wanted to create a special belated wedding gift for a friend and the minute she popped this picture onto social media, I saw it, had to have it for my project and saved it quickly to my album. I used a frame that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby, repainted over the distressed areas (because they were too busy in conjunction with my overall design), used her favorite colors, recolored the photo just a bit to give it a more timeless feel, and added beautiful pieces (including the new, exquisite Beautiful Board product) from Reneabouquets to complete the overall enchanting, textured quality for a treasured keepsake that can be displayed in her home for years to come. 
Below the pictures will be a link to my YouTube video for a complete start to finish process of how I made this project! I will also add the links to the products used from

YouTube Video Link:

Reneabouquets (RB) Product Links:
RB No Hole Glass Microbeads (Silver):
RB Chunky Glitter Glass (Patina):
RB Trim (Sheer Romance Lace White):
RB Mulberry Flowers (Teal and White Curly Roses):
RB S/3 Chiffon Flowers:
RB Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Sweetheart Teal):
RB Beautiful Board (Ivy Vine Flourish):
RB Beautiful Board (Elegant Accents-small):
Prima Shabby Chic Treasures Resin Baroque Frames:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shabby Chic/Mixed Media DIY Inspirational Home Decor (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

For this project I really wanted to feature some of Reneabouquets new Beautiful Board product, the new Glass Wing Shabby Pink Roses Butterflies and combine it with a little shabby chic, a little mixed media and touch of faithful inspiration!
I will have the links to the products used directly after the YouTube video
featuring a full start to finish DIY tutorial! 
Thanks for stopping by!!

You Tube Video:

Reneabouquets (RB) Products Used in this project:

RB Beautiful Board Ivy Vine Flourish 2:
RB Beautiful Board Bits Scroll Hearts:
RB Shabby Pink Roses Glass Wing Butterflies:
RB Microbeads (Black):
RB Glitter Glass (Sand):
RB S/3 Chiffon Flowers (Ivory):
RB Natural Cotton Crochet Cluny Lace 001:
RB S/6 Glass Dome Cabachon Trinkets:
Prima Wild and Free Flowers (Wild Soul):
Prima Memory Hardware Resin Frame (Chantilly Royal):

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Shabby Chic "Set It On A Shelf" Decor (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I had received this small, 3-tier sign as a gift and after 2 years of staring at it, decided to use it as a base to create new décor...that can sit on a shelf and gather dust....but OHHHH, is it cute! I started with painting it with Prima Heavy White Gesso, a pounce brush and a heat tool. I pounced the Gesso on, dried and set it with a heat tool and continued with this process in about 3 layers. It adds an oh-so-soft texture that can't be denied in saying, "that's neat!" LOL. Try it, you'll use this technique on everything altered! Smooth paint will never be the same. I even decided to use a Tim Holtz wood finial as a "candlestick base" to add a little more flair. I used the same painting texture process on this piece as well.  Two different paper collections by Prima (Love Clippings and Rossibelle) were used on this project. I then proceeded to add a combination of flowers and embellishments (as many as I could get on this 5 inch tall piece) to finish and add the final touches! The You Tube video (which includes the whole start-to-finish process) will be linked below, along with links to all the products used from First up...the pictures!

You Tube Video:

Reneabouquet Products Used:
RB S/3 Chiffon Flowers (TuTu Pink):
RB Mulberry Flowers (Soft Pink and White):
RB Glitter Glass (Pale Pink):
RB Tiny Treasures Dragonflies (Frosty Pink):
RB Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Ice):
Prima Vintage Metal by Finnabair (Clock Faces):
Prima 12x12 Collection Paper (Love Clippings):
Prima Flowers-Love Clippings collection (Endless Friendship):

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shabby Chic Altered Clock (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I got this very cute clock from a friend and decided to make it pretty!! The metal of the piece was already black, but I wanted it to have texture, so I used Prima Heavy Black Gesso with a pounce brush to apply (using up and down pounce motions) and heat set it in between coats. Love to do this technique! It takes some time, but well worth the subtle texture!  After that I added all the fun elements (including beautiful product from Reneabouquets!) and the end result was this pretty piece of home décor!  I will have the link to my You Tube video below the pictures that explains this project in its entirety as well as the links to all the wonderful Reneabouquets products that were used! Thanks for stopping by!

                                                                       YT Video Link:

Links to Reneabouquets products used:

RB S/3 Chiffon Flowers (Ivory):,-pearl-&-rhinestone-flowers
RB S/3 Chiffon Flowers (Black):
RB Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Frosty Kisses):
RB S/8 Magical Miniatures Butterflies (Mid Winters Dream):'s-dream-butterflies
RB S/13 Mulberry Flowers (Ivory):
RB S/13 Mulberry Flowers (Blue & White):
Prima Memory Hardware Resin Frame (Montchamp Imperial):
Prima Shabby Chic Treasures Resin Frames (Baroque):

Monday, May 8, 2017

Shabby Chic Photo Display (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

I found this very cute jewelry organizer at a sale, and had intended to use it for that purpose, but one time I walked by it and instantly had an idea! I loved the "frame" that comes up from the "doily" plate at the bottom. It originally had two bars on the center bar (for necklaces, I presume) that I gently pried off. The metal that was left, amazingly, was my photo display! To cover the areas where those pieces had been taken off, I used Prima Heavy Gesso and a sponge pounce brush to add texture to all the metal.   Then I added all my fun pieces (wanting lots of texture with beautiful flowers and butterflies) and the end result was this pretty piece of home décor with a picture of my husband and I! I will have the link to my You Tube video below the pictures that explains this project in its entirety as well as the links to all the wonderful Reneabouquet products that were used! Thanks for stopping by!

You Tube Video Link: 
Reneabouquet Products Used:
Reneabouquet Chiffon Flowers:
Reneabouquets S/13 Mulberry Flowers (Wild Roses, Gardenia & Leaves in Ivory):

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shabby Chic Mixed Media Altered Art (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

So......I started with this wood photo display (a clearance item that I found at Micheals Craft Store) and decided to use its base as my base for this project. What drew me in to using this piece was the wood slats on the front. It also had an ornate shaped wood tag on the front of it, which I carefully pried off to reuse with my new idea for this piece and removed the wire photo holders...that I will save for use with another project....someday...when inspiration strikes! I, of course, used beautiful items from Reneabouquets (which will be listed below the pictures). I will also attach the link to my You Tube video which gives a "diy" explanation of the entire piece! Enjoy!

You Tube Video:

Links to Reneabouquets supplies used on this project:

Reneabouquets Glitter Glass (Pink):
Reneabouquets Mulberry Flowers (Ivory):
Reneabouquets Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Sweet Pea):
Reneabouquets S/3 Chiffon Flowers (Ivory):
Reneabouquets Resin Frame (6 pc Romantic Trinkets set):
Prima Love Clippings Chipboard:
Prima Memory Hardware Resin Frame (Marseille Grand):
Prima Flowers (Lacy):

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Shabby Chic/Mixed Media Wood Tag/Wall Decor (DT Project for Reneabouquets)

Using 8x8 (7gypsies) wood shadow box layer piece and a 5x8 wood tag that I purchased from Walmart, I created a piece of mixed media/shabby chic art to add to any home décor. I used items from  the "Always and Forever" scrapbook kit as well as Prima items and one of a kind items from Reneabouquets Etsy Store! I will link the YT video below which shows  the kit in its entirety as well as the video which explains this project in complete detail. As always, the links to products I used will be listed. Here's the pics:

You Tube link to this project:
You Tube link to the "Always And Forever" Kit:

This kit includes (pieces I used marked w/ an asterisk "*"):
Blue Fern Heartland Papers:
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In SWEET ON YOU
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In XOXO
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In BICYCLE FOR TWO
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In LOVE SONG SERENADE
*1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In ALL YOU NEED
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In LOVE BLOOMS
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In LOVE NOTES
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In KISS KISS
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In RED ROSE BALL
1-12 x 12 Double Sided Paper In VALENTINE PARTY
*1-Package Blue Fern Frilly Hearts Chipboard
1-Set Reneabouquets Vintage Cherub Die Cuts  2 1/2 inch size option 1 Right Facing Cherub & 1 Left Facing Cherub 
1-Set Reneabouquets Sweetheart Soft Yellow Butterflies
*1-Set Of 3 Reneabouquets Tiny Treasures Sweet As Candy Butterflies
1-1/2 Yard Of 3 Inch Wide Timeless White Lace
1-1/2 Yard Of 2 1/2 Inch Wide Tattered Rose Tulle
*1-Set Of Reneabouquets Mulberry Paper Flowers & Leaves (24 piece coordinating set)
*1-Set Of Reneabouquets Trinkets that include 1-Ivory Oval Frame, 1- Vintage Metal Scissors, 1-Copper Spoon, & 2 Small Keys
*1- .5 ounce Jar of Reneabouquets Diamond Glitter Glass
Link to this kit:

 Others products used on this project from Reneabouquets:
Reneabouquets S/3 Ivory Chiffon Flowers:
Reneabouquets Tiny Treasures Butterflies (Sweetheart):
Prima "Love Clippings" 12x12 Paper Collection:
Prima "Love Clippings" Flowers (To the Moon and Back):
Prima "Love Clippings" Chipboard Collection:
Prima Shabby Chic Treasures Resin Baroque Frames:
Prima Color Bloom Sprays:
Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains:
Blue Fern Studios Chipboard (Garden Lattice Bits):